What You Have to Know before Shopping for Men’s Wedding Bands

A great amount of thought goes into selecting an engagement ring. However, when it comes to the wedding band, most men realize they are completely clueless on the options. If you are in this predicament, there are a couple of considerations you can make to get off on the right foot.


When selecting a wedding band, two things are given precedence; budget and fitting. One area that most men completely ignore is that on the width. Wider rings tend to be more expensive because more material is required to make them.

Even so, it is possible to balance size and price by selecting a metal that is within your budget. For example, in place of platinum or white gold, you can go for palladium which is similar. All in all, you must focus on quality, value, durability and maintenance needs when buying a wedding band.

Metal choice

When it comes to metals, you will be spoilt for choice when shopping for the right ring. The traditionally used metals include white gold, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and palladium. Each metal has its pros and cons.

  • Platinum. This is more durable and more expensive. On the flipside, it may cause skin reactions in some men.
  • White gold. This is gold that has been plated in rhodium. It is less expensive when compared to platinum.
  • Yellow gold. This has a delicate, warm glow and is the classic option when it comes to men’s wedding bands.
  • Palladium. This gives a similar expensive look to platinum but costs much less than white gold and platinum.
  • Rose gold. This is a less common choice that exudes a vintage effect.


The wedding ring is available in a selection of edges, from a curved to a flat edge. The ideal ring is one with rounded edges. It has a better feel on the finger. You need to try on a number of rings to find the perfect fit for you.


Which is the best texture? The finish is what describes the texture of your band. Your options will include the following:

  • High polish. This is the typical choice. It has a reflective finish.
  • Matte. This has an understated, modern feel and is less reflective.
  • Combination. The finish on this option combines high polish and matte textures.
  • Hammered. The texture looks like a hammer pounded the texture to form a textured effect. If you want a unique yet riveting look, this is a great choice.


A few years back, the options in men’s wedding rings never went far beyond metal choice. Today, the options are unique. They are tailored to add or even match your style with such objects as diamonds or sapphire accents such as sparkling gems or Celtic knot designs. Weed through you options in detailing before settling for a band.


Whether you select a classic or inconspicuous ring, make sure you personalize it with engraving. Engravings can range from your wedding date to the initials of your finance to song lyrics and so much more.

The options in wedding bands are unlimited. Be true to yourself and pick a custom design.

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