Tungsten Wedding Bands for the New Generation Men

Have you heard of Tungsten wedding bands lately? These wedding bands mostly provide a sleek and contemporary look to the bridegroom. Now we will have to be aware whether the metal is safe to wear or not. A simple guide will help you in this situation.

Features of Tungsten Rings: Tungsten is basically made up of chemical element and also known as the Wolfram. It has the highest tensile strength and highest melting point. This metal is durable and rare in nature. But the wedding bands are not generally made up of pure metal. Instead, they are made up of the Tungsten Carbide, which is convenient for all the industrial applications and jewelry manufacturing. The carbide is generally the mixture of the tungsten and the carbon atoms.

Are the Tungsten Bands Brittle? Many questions pop up about the durability of the Tungsten bands. But you are not required to be doubtful about the durability of this metal. The Tungsten carbide is actually more durable than Gold, Silver, Platinum and other expensive metals. Due to its durability, many jewelry retailers assure lifetime warranties in their products.

Best Designs in Tungsten Bands: The Tungsten wedding bands come in different styles and designs. Some of the well known designs of the rings are flat bands, brushed layers rings, comfort fit rings, etc. The designs can be combined with rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and moissanite. If you prefer the two-toned rings, you may go with the inlay rings. The gold plating or any other plating with metals cannot be as much durable as the inlay Tungsten rings. If you are buying the wedding bands for the daily use purpose, you should go for the two toned inlay rings.

Black Tungsten Rings: A black colored coat or plate is being used over the natural gray Tungsten. You can go through the 2015 guide on tungsten wedding bands to get detailed information on the Tungsten wedding bands. But plating will not make the ornament, a scratch proof one. For this particular reason, plating is not used on the wedding jewelry. The wedding rings can be manufactured with solid black inlay which remains 100% scratch proof.

Pros and Cons of Tungsten Bands:  The Tungsten wedding rings are durable and scratch proof than any other traditional wedding metal rings. They can also be engraved with laser tools in various designs and finishes. The finishes can be done with mirror or the dark gray brushes. The high quality designer wedding bands are available in reasonable prices and even less expensive than the Gold and the Platinum.

Quality Tungsten Bands: When the Tungsten carbide compounds with the nickel binder, the mix produces high quality Tungsten bands. Sometimes, the properties of nickel mixed in Gold can prove to be allergenic to some individuals. But the amount of nickel present in the Tungsten carbide is very low and will not be detrimental for your skin. But, the cobalt binders if mixed with the Tungsten can cause allergenic reactions and may react with your skin by keeping a permanent stain. Depending upon the quality, the price of the Tungsten rings will vary from 10 dollars to over 500 dollars for the designer bands with the precious metals like diamonds.

While buying the Tungsten wedding bands, you should always go with the retailers who offer lifetime warranties. You should avoid any kind of plating over your original Tungsten bands. As the rings cannot be resized, ensure that you are providing the right size of your fingers to the manufacturer. You should always be aware that your jewelry is being made from the grade Tungsten and not with Cobalt. If your retailer is not sure of the manufacturing details, always go to someone else.

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