Top 5 mistakes which you must avoid while you hire a car mechanic

If you have your own car then you might know about the mechanical repairing of the automobile spare parts. Even you need to hire some car mechanics for this task and they will suggest you with several things along with the best possibilities for your car. But before hiring the car mechanics, you need to know about few things and then you have to read your car manufacturer’s manual and understand the exact requirement of your car accordingly. It is very difficult to choose the best car mechanic because you can find many car repairing and servicing stations in your locality, and all of them can assure you about the best services from their part.

How to avoid mistakes and fake promises?

Now you need to know about some tricks of car mechanics which they suggest to you, but you need to avoid these tricks and take your own decision according to your exact requirement and hire the best car mechanic with reference to the budget that you have.

  1. Firstly, these fake car mechanics can suggest you some replacement of spare parts because they install many cheap quality car parts. In this regards, you need to know that what type of spare parts you require for your car. Apart from that, these car mechanics always suggest you to replace your original car parts with cheap quality parts because, they sell these spare parts at a huge price and they also resell the original spare parts of the car. So they will gain their income in this dual mode and they will damage your car very soon. You need to avoid these car mechanics and choose the certified mechanics who deal with original spare parts and they have to explain the cause of the replacement as well.
  2. Secondly, some car mechanics do not notice your major car problems related to engine and brakes. They suggest you to change some spare parts and oil and they charge you huge a huge amount for this task.
  3. When you hire the car mechanics, you need to ask them about the estimated time. If there is any major issue then they can suggest you to keep your car overnight at their work station. But for minor repairing, they can try to keep your car overnight also because they charge you with an additional cost as night charges, and they increase the overall repairing cost also.
  4. It is suggested to ask your car mechanic about the total cost of repairing and you have to take the estimated cost as written in their official letterhead. They tend to increase the charges after few days and you have to spend a huge additional cost for the second-time repairing. If they generate the written document then they cannot increase this cost easily.
  5. You have to enquire about the warranty. Most of the car mechanics provide minimum six months warranty on their mechanical works and company warranty shall be empanelled as their norms. If your car mechanic does not provide you with any warranty then you must avoid this mechanic.

How to hire the best car mechanics?

If you want to hire some best car mechanics then you can search on the internet and you will find their website with customer feedbacks. You can easily compare their price range online also.

  • You have to check their certification. The car mechanics need to get certificates issued by the automobile industry and institutions, and you have to check their mechanical qualification also.
  • Then you have to check their experiences in this field and you must hire some experienced mechanics for your car, because they can easily handle any problems.

Apart from that, before hiring the mechanics, you need to ask them about the insurance and company guideline accordingly.

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