This Cardboard Standing Desk Is Portable, Cheap and Awesome

Standings desks are jumping more into office space these days. Some researchers say that it’s good for health to take some time out for standing, as prolonged sitting can be very dangerous for your health. Advocates of a healthy lifestyle prefer the standing desk bandwagon, but for the groggy ones, it’s just another of the stupid schemes that want them to move from their place.

New Zealand based company Refold has made a $250 foldable/portable desk out of cardboard, almost. It has handle that can be used to carry it around. The desk is portable, foldable and recyclable. Initially I thought that the price tag might be too high, but if you compare prices with steel and wood desks, they can cost up to $1000.

Assembling the desk can be done by simply locking different pieces into the slots on the cardboard. The cardboard is 0.2-inches thick so it provides ample strength to hold every kind of stuff on it. According to the company, the desk can easily up to 187 pounds. The life of the desk is provided to be 2-3 year, which again, is fine with the low price tag of the table.

There are three sizes available. Large is 3.61 feet; medium is 3.45 feet and the smallest one is 3.28 feet high.

The total weight of the desk is roughly 14 pounds. If you want to transport the desk, you can simply fold it instantaneously. The desk has dimensions of 43 x 26 x 3.3 inches.

Refold is an inexpensive and easy standing desk solution. You can also buy the waterproof top separately for $90 or as a deal for $300.  Something like a cardboard stand can’t really replace a tabletop desk, but it’s worth saving hundreds of dollars for a little compromise.

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