The USB Killer: A USB That Can Literally Destroy a Computer

We have seen how malware can actually corrupt system files, or even erase them. It’s actually quite a very scary thought. But now, we have new type of threat chasing us and this one can literally destroy a computer’s hardware.

From straight out of the spy movies into our palms, the USB killer can destroy a computer by sending electricity bolts using the USB interface. It’s designed by a Russian Security researcher known to be as Dark Purple.

The purpose of such USB device is two-fold: it can autodestruct a computer or can corrupt files on it, just like a virus would do it.

Dark Purple in a blog post last week revealed how the device really works. He claimed that the USB Killer 2.0 can destroy any electronic device that supports a USB port. The technical details weren’t explained but it seems like that the USB discharges the capacitor by sending a minus voltage through the USB interface.

Dark Purple also said that the destroyed laptop can be revived only after its motherboard is repaired. Also, the USB doesn’t erase the data that’s stored on the hard drive.

Thought it may appear like the USB can’t do any permanent damage, still it can be a real pain against people who hardly know a thing about computers.

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