The ultimate shopping guide for your trip to Toronto

Shopping is an integral part of visiting a new destination, especially if you are going somewhere far overseas or a place with a complete cultural difference than your region. While on your stay in Toronto, you will be spoilt for choices on where and what to shop. This article talks about some of the top marketplaces and shopping spots in the city.

Toronto is undoubtedly one of the top cities in the world. It is modern, beautiful and you will see everything you would expect in a major global city. From towering modern buildings to age old monuments, pristine lakes and urban forests, you will not regret booking one of those Delhi to Toronto flights to spend a vacation here. One of the best part of visiting this city is the abundance of shopping opportunities within the city. From modest bohemian shopping to extraordinarily fancy and pricey items, Toronto satisfies the shopping needs of everyone. Here are some of the top markets and shopping spots in Toronto.

The Hudson’s Bay Company

You cannot have gone to Toronto and missed the Hudson’s bay, Canada’s oldest retail partnership which has now spread out to most major countries. The main store is right opposite the Toronto Eaton Center at the intersection of Bay and Queen. The Bay (as it is known there) is a decent out-dated retail establishment including garments to family unit and household items  and a spot to have a lunch with the family.

St. Lawrence Market

One of the top markets in Toronto, the St Lawrence market has about 50 stores all related to food, meaning selling food items and some restaurants and eateries to the south, and the Northern part of the market you will find the Saturday farmers market. If you are in Toronto on a Sunday, you should definitely check out the antique market which happens on Sundays alone where merchants come and sell antique items on the Northern part of the market.

The Toronto Eaton Center

Set in the heart of Toronto’s downtown, the Toronto Eaton Center is probably one of the most popular areas in the entire city housing over 250 stores at a single stretch. The best part about this place is that, you do not necessarily splurge while shopping here. There are ample shopping opportunities for people shopping on a budget or even for people looking to spend big.


Toronto’s Chinatown is similar to any other Chinatown you will see in major cities around the world. Everything from the best Chinese food, apparels, household items to interior household decors like small handicrafts or Chinese lanterns can be found here. Apart from the authentic Chinese cuisine, you will also get some good Vietnamese food here and various other Asian cuisines.

Queen’s Street

Cutting through East/West Toronto, this popular street in Toronto is a perfect place to shop in Toronto if you are in search of some trendy and chic clothing. Apart from the shopping experience, you can also gorge of the yummy food from the line of restaurants in this part of Toronto and also check out its antique stores. The variety this place makes it one of the best places to visit in Toronto.

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to shopping in Toronto. Get ready to come back home with another baggage to add to your luggage!

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