The Human Solution to Your Building Site’s Pigeon Population

If you find slippery splotches of white goo, it can only mean one thing: pigeons. The pigeon droppings aren’t the only clues that you’ve got a kit living in your building. Unattractive and destructive roosts have popped up throughout your property, including areas full of very important equipment, machinery, and wiring. If you want to keep your building clean (without having to waste time and money constantly cleaning up after pigeons), you need to find humane pigeon solutions stop the birds from interfering with your building.

One such solution is to put up netting. The thick, heavy netting that has been knotted (and not knitted) has a much longer lifespan than knitted plastic netting. Thicker netting has a breaking strength of over forty pounds, which is more than enough resistance for the average pigeon. The most important part of the netting, however, is that it prevents pigeons entering the property. This, in turn, prevents them from believing that the building is their home, as there’s nowhere to build their nests; and no nests means you won’t be digging out debris caught in eavestroughs, drains, or air vents.

Bird spikes are another popular option among the humane pigeon solutions. A plastic base and a row of well-installed steel spikes on a ledge can help deter pigeons from resting there. Don’t worry; these spikes are meant to slightly poke the birds, not impale them. They’re not sharp enough to hurt pigeons or other creatures; the spikes just make it inconvenient to climb or sit on ledges.

The reason why humane solutions are stressed is twofold. For one thing, no company should be in the business of hurting the animals we share our planet with, especially not animals as harmless as pigeons. Secondly, the inhumane, lethal alternatives are downright ineffective. Killing the pigeons calling your property home will only stop those particular pigeons from causing damage. Once that family of pigeons leave, there’s nothing stopping a new one from moving in, and you’ll be left starting the process all over again.

The humane bird solutions from Pigeon Busters provide a permanent solution because it removes any pigeon’s ability from roosting on your property – not just one the ones that are there today. When their expert technicians assess your building, they can pinpoint the exact areas that are so attractive to pigeons so they can install spikes (and any other product) where they need to go. Once you have a full arsenal of products protecting your property, you’ll never have to watch out for those gross droppings or messy nests ever again. What you’re left with is a clean building free of pigeons.

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