Romantic destinations for honeymooners!

The tradition of honeymoon is quite old and every couple looks forward to going on a honeymoon. If you are planning on a budget friendly honeymoon, then we have some great places just for you. Few of them are off beat places, but they fit well in the price range and are gorgeous for honeymooners. Read on to find out…

  1. Goa – Even though Goa is said to be a destination for friend circles, couples too can chill out on the beaches of this place. There are several secluded and romantic beaches in Goa, which are meant for couples. If you want to go to an old school place, then you can go to a nearby place called Belgaum rather than Goa. Don’t forget to call for food delivery in Belgaum station while you are travelling by the train. This can be a good way to go to two places during one trip!
  2. Ooty– Ooty is probably one of the most toured hill stations in the country as several locals and foreigners come here every year. If you want to enjoy the picturesque views of the hills, see the rose gardens, beautiful lakes and relax for few weeks then this place is perfect!
  3. Kodaikanal – This is yet another hill town, which is perfect for couples and honeymooners. The weather here is usually pleasant, and there are many romantic areas to go to here. You can go to the Silver Cascade Waterfall, Kodaikanal Lake and to several other places. You can also enjoy the diverse food here plus have a romantic evening time near the waterfalls.
  4. Tawang – Want to go to a different destination? Well, Tawang is one place where you will find absolutely peace and calmness together. This gorgeous place is one of the most romantic destinations in the country! Surrounded by Himalayan ranges and flora, you will have a blissful day. If you go during the winter season then you will get to see snow-capped mountains from this place.
  1. Lakshadweep – Not a fan of Goa? Well, you always have alternatives! Go to Lakshadweep instead and enjoy the serenity of this place. The sparkling sandy beaches and silent shores are what any quiet couple needs. If you are not the ones who want to party all night long on your honeymoon on the beaches of Goa, then you must go to some of the secluded beaches at Lakshadweep. They are truly gorgeous and you will never want to go back home.
  2. Gulmar – Jammu and Kashmir is constantly referred to as paradise and it sure is. Gulmar is yet another fairy tale destination in India. You will be stunned to see the beautiful flowers, hills and romantic hideouts. Whether you are going on a honeymoon or not, make sure you visit this hill town.

You can always decide your own honeymoon destination but we wanted to help cut down to the best ones. So book your honeymoon tickets today!

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