Odisha beaches to visit!


Goa is not the only place where you can enjoy the sun, sand and water, but you will find many stunning offbeat beaches at Odisha too! This is India’s least explored place and you cannot miss out on it. So, if you have a travel list then do add this state in your list. Check out our lowdown to know how incredibly beautiful Odisha beaches are…

  • Astarang Beach: – This is the perfect place to see a splendid sunset. This beach is well-known for the beautiful ducks gracing the beach. This place is a delight for photographers and those who love sunsets, coffee and ducks of course!
  • Rushikulya Beach: – Take a break from your hectic schedule and explore the serene Rushikulya Beach. The blue water, seashores and peace will make you want to come here again and again. This is a hub for nature lovers, and you will also enjoy the stunning landscape views while you are relaxing at this beach.

  • Chandipur Beach: – If you want to play hide and seek with the sea, then head over to Chandipur Beach right away! This is a unique speciality of this place. Enjoy the mystical beauty of the spellbinding shores.

  • Ramchandi Beach: – Situated in between the Kushabhadra River and Bay of Bengal, this beach is the right stop for those who love calm and quiet beaches. You can also get adventurous with sea surfing at this mind-blasting coast.

  • Bhitarkanika Beach: – If you want to go to an extreme offbeat beach, then Bhitarkanika tops the list. This unreal and gorgeous beach is filled with lush greenery and serene views. The music of the waves will keep you accompanied while you are at the beach. Also, you will spot a lot of turtles walking at the beach.

  • Gopalpur Beach: – You can either sail or surf at Gopalpur Beach. This stunning place is filled with the beauty of nature and is one of the most appealing beaches in India. We are sure this will soon become a tourist spot in Odisha.

  • Paradeep Beach: – Sooth your eyes with blue waters, enjoy the soft sand touching your feet and the sun kissing your cheeks at Paradeep Beach. This hypnotic beach is a great vacation destination with friends and family.

  • Puri Beach: – This beach is a famous destination in Odisha where a lot of people come to pay respect to Lord Jagannath. Apart from the spiritual feel, this beach has tons of tourists every November.

  • Balighai Beach: – Experience majestic sunrise and soothing sunsets at the shores of Balighai Beach. This is Odisha’s calmest delight that attracts not only locals but foreign travellers too. Make sure you have your camera ready to capture the awe-inspiring moments you have at this beach.

If you are already in awe reading about the beaches, go and visit Odisha to experience it with your own eyes. Book your train tickets right away! And do not forget to book good quality food for train journey online.

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