Most Romantic Getaways in Australia

There is hardly anything as romantic as sharing great experiences together, as a couple. This adds quality to the relationship and it builds it into a stronger, better and more beautiful thing. Traveling together, especially to visit some of the breath-taking sites all over the world ranks very high on the list of things that a couple can do for themselves. The glorious Land Down Under has a lot to offer to such a couple. Therefore, make sure that you check out these remarkable getaways of the Australian continent.

The Shadowy Place – Uluru


Uluru is the rock formation that attracts a lot of tourists. This place is regarded as a sacred place by the Aboriginals. Once you see how sun changes the way it looks during the different parts of the day – you will be keen on believing that there is some divine energy present there. You can even observe this from a nice outdoor diner that will be served to you and your loved one in the Ayers Rock reserve. You can sip wine and enjoy the view of the sun playing with the colors of Uluru.

Glamping for Two at Sal Salis

There is hardly anything as romantic and cozy as the tent for two. Some may find this tempting but still be turned off by the idea of the lack of comfort in a tent. However, glamping is what brings luxury and coziness together. It stands short of glamorous camping and Sal Salis is the place to do it. You get all the luxury of a five star hotel, but in a tent.

Whitsunday Island Picnic

There is hardly a place on this Earth that looks like a universe of its own as much as Whitsunday Island does. White sandy beaches and the world’s biggest rainforest that grows on the sand are just two of the reasons why you want to grab a bottle of wine, your lover’s hand and head to this place. If you hire a catamaran to take you there, and that is one of the options – even better.

Secluded Beaches near the Busy Sydney

Who would have thought that you can find such serenity and peace near such a world metropolis as Sydney? However, it is possible, as there are many hidden gems that the local people know about and keep a little bit of a secret. Some of them are so romantic that they make amazing beach wedding venues in Sydney area. Long Reef, Milk Beach, Fishermen Beach are just some of them.

Bushwalking in Daintree

Australians love their bushwalking. Therefore, it will be very easy to find a perfect guide for you two. They will take you deep into the Daintree rainforest and show you the jaw-dropping waterfalls and stunningly diverse flora and fauna. You will be able to get some rest at one of the wonderful tree houses. When you see them, you will definitely want to spend the night in them.

Camping at the Lake on the Fraser Island

The ocean surrounds the Fraser Island, but in the middle of it is a lovely lake. That makes the environment from your dreams. Spending a day in this amazing place simply is not enough. You need to bring the gear, set up your tent near the lake and enjoy this unique place night and day. There are many rules and regulations that people who decide to camp here must follow. They are the reason the nature is still perfect at the Fraser Island.

The only more romantic thing in Australia is the sky. There are many balloon rides and sea plane tours, but they are more tailored to the wishes of those couples that love a shot of adrenaline on their date.

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