Kids as young as 10 buy guns online!

After watching lots of cartoons with guns and movies with full of advanced weapons we have it’s in news that kids starting from 10 are been caught purchasing real guns online from different illegal resources. Law and order agencies have asked the parents to keep an eye on their kids’ activities otherwise, they can be put them in trouble.

In UK Police chief Dave Thompson states, kids as young as 10 have been arrested for firearms offences. He admitted that within the past years kids were unintentionally committing serious gun offences by buying the legal weapons on the internet. The police officer also states that some kinds of weapon have been bought not on local online sites, but on the foreign-based ones. When it comes to numbers, he claims that starting from 2013, more than 1,500 kids were arrested for alleged firearm offences. Reveal all the provoking details in Telegraph.

Children are buying mostly guns online and illegal gun sellers are targeting children because they are the easy customers to sell guns.

Parents should keep an eye on the kids to check what they are doing and what their intentions are. They should also check their online activities which will save them from a disaster in the future.

There are many cell spy apps in the market and offering the different type of monitoring features. It’s up to you if you can track your kids and they know they are been monitored but it’s for sure that most kids do not want that their parents are monitoring them so the best way to monitor them is by installing a spying application on their mobile device and you get all the details about their online and social activities. On the same time, you can save your kid from cyber bullying.

You can monitor their physical location via GPS tracking feature and spy on their text messages. You can also check their contact lists and Facebook and WhatsApp conversations. There are many other features as well offered by these cell phone spying apps. But it comes with a price, and they are selling their spying apps on monthly and yearly subscriptions. You can choose the best plan according to yours needs. There are many cell spy apps available online just make sure you choose the best and original one.

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