Images on Empire State Building Bring Light to Endangered Species

When the sun sets over New York City, the colorful lights atop the Empire State Building are usually one of the most striking displays across Manhattan’s dark skies. But on Saturday night, that light show was upstaged by another kind of display: projections of images of endangered species lower down on the iconic midtown office tower.

This video captured excerpts of the work of Louie Psihoyos and Travis Threlkel, the artists who cast digital images of a variety of threatened animal species across the Empire State Building’s south face on Saturday. Mr. Psihoyos explained that they had set out to do “the most dramatic thing we could do to get the world to know about what we’re losing.”

To make their statement, the artists used 40 projectors on the roof of another building a few blocks south. And whether the project succeeded in expanding awareness of threats to the planet’s biodiversity, it made an impression on some of the people who gazed upon it firsthand.

“Witnessed some spectacular Big [Apple] magic last night,” wrote Becca Zoler, an Instagram user, with a photo she posted of the display.


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