How to Resize Images and Save Some Space on Your Hard Drive

If your computer hard disk has limited space, you should not store the images in the original sizes. Smaller size images tend to take up lesser spaces. Usually, a large photo can be as large as a few hundred MB but resizing it to a smaller size will reduce its size to just a few KB.

Most computers do not come with an image resizing tool that you can use to resize the images. So, if you want to resize the images, you will need to get an image resizing software like Movavi batch photo resizer .

When you load your photos into the software, they will appear in grid style in the large open space. You can see the thumbnails of each of the photos that are loaded into the software. In case you want to know how many photos you have opened, you can look at the upper right corner and you will see the Photos Open.

The Photos Open let you know the number of photos that are being opened. When you select a photo, it will offer you 3 options including view, rotate, and remove. The file name will appear under the selected image.

If you saw a photo that you don’t want to resize, you can click on the Remove button to remove it. Clicking on the view button will open the photo in full size so that you can view it. If  there is a photo in the wrong position, you can click on the Rotate button to rotate the photo to the correct position.

Movavi Photo Batch is helpful if you have a large number of photos that you want to resize into the same size. You can add a folder of images by clicking on the Folder button on the top left corner. If you add the wrong folder of images, you can click on the Clear All button to remove all the photos once and for all.

To resize the photo, you must click on the Resize tab on the right. You can determine how you want the image to be resized with the Resize mode drop down menu. You can resize the image by entering a width or height and it will automatically be resized proportionally.

You can also resize the image by entering a percentage. For example, if you want to reduce the photo size by half, you can select Scale by percentage and enter 50% into the field. To reduce the size of the image, you should enter a percentage that is smaller than 100%.

If you choose to resize the image through scale by width or height, you must first know the original size of the image in pixels. You can find out the size of the original photo by right clicking on it and selecting Properties. After entering the size, you can click on the Batch Export button to start the image resizing process. It will only take a moment for the photos to be resized to the preferred size that you have specified.

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