Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 70 Is A Lot of Fun for On-Point Selfies

I love instant cameras, they are just darn too good, but, not enough great shot for selfies.

Thanks to Fujifilm for covering that up with its Instax Max 70 instant camera. There is a special selfies button, when pressed, can change focus of the camera as close to around 11-inches, making your selfies sharp and focused. There is also a teeny tiny mirror on the front that can help you with adjusting the angle before taking a photo.

The $139.99 Instax Mini 70 is decent price tag and will be available in November this year. You will be able to choose from three colors: Moon White, Canary Yellow and Island Blue.

Other upgrades include a sleeker and smaller design than to its predecessor Instax Mini 8. There is also an improved button that quickly let you switch between different modes; landscape, macro, forced flash mode and the high-key mode that will snap crispier photos with higher brightness levels.

The back of the camera has a timer button. You can also push that button to twice for getting another copy of the photo to share with others.

The camera doesn’t use AA rechargeable batteries anymore. Instead, you would need CR2/DL (I never had heard of them before either). It complicates the things a bit up, but its fine, as batteries are not a big deal to anyone, unless you are going on a trip and won’t find these “never heard of” batteries.

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