12 Apr 2016

Bingo makes your life colorful!

Wouldn’t it be just great if you got an opportunity to engage in something entertaining and rewarding even when you laze around at home or somewhere? Needless to say, it surely would be! The world of online bingo facilitates you to enjoy some best selection of games even when you

30 Oct 2015

This Cardboard Standing Desk Is Portable, Cheap and Awesome

Standings desks are jumping more into office space these days. Some researchers say that it’s good for health to take some time out for standing, as prolonged sitting can be very dangerous for your health. Advocates of a healthy lifestyle prefer the standing desk bandwagon, but for the groggy ones,

13 Oct 2015

The USB Killer: A USB That Can Literally Destroy a Computer

We have seen how malware can actually corrupt system files, or even erase them. It’s actually quite a very scary thought. But now, we have new type of threat chasing us and this one can literally destroy a computer’s hardware. From straight out of the spy movies into our palms,

01 Oct 2015

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 70 Is A Lot of Fun for On-Point Selfies

I love instant cameras, they are just darn too good, but, not enough great shot for selfies. Thanks to Fujifilm for covering that up with its Instax Max 70 instant camera. There is a special selfies button, when pressed, can change focus of the camera as close to around 11-inches,

02 Sep 2015

Acer’s Releases Predator 6 Smartphone and Predator Projector

Berlin—what’s new in the smartphone gaming spectrum? A gaming phone that’s equipped with power from every dimension. Inside the phone, there is a MediaTek’s 10-core processor and 4GB of RAM to speed up the game loading times. There is a 21 megapixel camera on the back, a handy accoutrement for

20 Aug 2015

3 Awesome Web Design Tips to Help Your Small Business

A solid website that isn’t only attractive but also functional and responsive will ensure that those who find your site will want to stick around and learn more about what your business is all about and the products and services that you have to offer. So when it comes to

19 Aug 2015

Lenovo Vibe S1 Will Feature Dual Selfie Camera

You might be aware of the Selfie trend these days, people are shifting to selfies rather that rear shots. Keeping this scenario in mind, mobile companies are now planning to work on some new strategies which will be more focused on Selfie camera’s. Lenovo is the first company to launch this

11 Aug 2015

WalkCar Is a Portable Ride Just the Size of a Laptop

We don’t need Lexus Hoverboard teasers anymore, because we will have something similar to that soon enough. More like a mechanical skateboard, WalkCar is equally effective like a Hoverboard that you can step on to travel from one block to another. It’s about the size of a thick laptop, like

05 Aug 2015

Hootsuite Can Now help you Sort of Schedule your Instagram Posts

Unlike what we see on other social media sites, Instagram has a limitation where it doesn’t allow scheduling of posts on its site. This could be inconvenient for a brand using the platform since they have to manually post their content. Hootsuite has found a way around this pertinent problem.

03 Aug 2015

The Evolution of the iPad From iOS 3 to iOS 9

The popularity of the iPad is undeniable. MacRumors reports that Apple sold 12.3 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2014 and more than 237 million iPads total. Apple has continued to impress its users since it unveiled the original iPad in 2010 with the tremendous growth and development of