28 Jul 2016

Proven Ways to Remove Stains From Sarees

Stain – just a small spot on anything, right? No, this is not just a small spot, but a big spoiler for anything. Even a six yards long beautiful saree can lose its beauty due to a small stain of oil, protein, grease or fruit juice. Sarees are the most

01 Jun 2016

What You Have to Know before Shopping for Men’s Wedding Bands

A great amount of thought goes into selecting an engagement ring. However, when it comes to the wedding band, most men realize they are completely clueless on the options. If you are in this predicament, there are a couple of considerations you can make to get off on the right

05 May 2016

Checking out few of the lehenga markets

Delhi and shopping go hand in hand. The capital of India is regarded as one of the most happening cities of the world. Delhi is indeed popular for its culture, tradition, style, fashion, and shopping. There are tons of reasons why Delhi is regarded as the shopping hub of Asia.

02 May 2016

4 Great Fashion Tips for Trendy plus Sized Women

If you are a plus-sized lady, then you have the desire to look fabulous in spite of your size. Fashion trends seem to favor the slim and petite, but have no fear; there are great varieties of awesome clothing and great accessories that are beautifully suited for plus-sized ladies. Your

19 Apr 2016

10 Excellent Beauty and Skin care Products in your Travel Kit

Whether traveling is your hobby or you are in a profession that demands a lot of travelling around the country and internationally, it is important to put your skin first. Different geographical locations present different environmental and climatic conditions that affect your skin. Humidity changes and temperature changes cause different

17 Mar 2016

Looking Good on Your Wedding Day

Looking good on your wedding day is very important to many couples, and there’s a good reason why. The photos you take on your wedding day will trickle down through history and be a reflection of who you were for generations to come. Most brides think of the dress when

24 Feb 2016

Find a Trendy Plus-Size Swim Suit To Celebrate Your Body

Ifyou’re like most women, you’ve probably been stuck browsing the aisles of any given department store , thinking, “Where is the plus-sized section?” The truth is that most retailers don’t bother stocking much of a plus-size section, especially not for swimsuits, and especially not during the off-season. This is all

28 Jan 2016

Tips When Selecting Straight And Virgin Remy Hair

Picking the best type of straight virgin Remy hair is such a daunting task, especially now that lots of sellers are offering it online at a minimal cost. If you will observe, there are numbers of women these days that are into nail extensions and most of them are starting

22 Nov 2015

Summer Boho Chic Style

For more than 200 years bohemian style has been an exotic alternative to widely accepted fashion trends of that certain period. It was always linked with writers, artists and intellectuals, because of its dreaminess, uniqueness and possibility to experiment and create something your very own. This style incorporates historical costumes

30 Oct 2015


Winters have happily hit all the major parts of the country and the time has come to take out all those funky sweaters, trendy and chic coats and all kinds of fashion accessories. Doesn’t matter how chubby you are, as you are going to wrap and hide yourself under all