Benefits Instagram Can Bring For Your Business

Since the popularity of visual contents are increasing in Social Media, the significance of creating and leveraging by brands is important too. The sudden and enormous shift to social media is a clear sight on how large and small scale businesses have started to visually communicate with their follower, customers and fans. The most famous and commonly used platform which helps one to leverage the given power for such shift is Instagram.

Having more than 300 million users, Instagram has become one of the awesome and commonly used photo sharing platform which assists in sharing photos, short videos, etc. with various followers. As per a study conducted recently, about 55 million photos are shared on a daily basis on Instagram. Now this is one of the major reasons why one needs to utilize this given platform.

Key Benefits of Instagram

Using Instagram, there are various perks associated with it for your business. The following are some of them –

  • Increasing Engagement

Based on the quality of the post, the various branded updates on Twitter and Facebook are often overlooked by users. Frankly, this is not often true for various Instagram users. Using an active Instagram account with interesting and useful contents would help you to get crazy and good level of engagements along with your audience.

As per the recent survey done by a research and technology firm, most of the Instagram contents seem to generate about 50-60 times more engagement per each follower when compared to that of Facebook and about 120 times more than Twitter.

  • Creating Personality and Trust

As branded contents are being quite popular for creating engagements, the major key benefits of using Instagram is it helps in creating a good amount of trust. People purchase from others and Instagram is a social networking tool which helps in creating a good emotional connection with audiences. The best part is it allows one to share the basic day-to-day experiences of the business in a casual and informal way, thereby providing a personalized feeling to the given business.

Basically, behind the employees and scene photos, the images seem to rank quite satisfactory on the Instagram especially when you are a specific service provider. These photos could make your company very much attractive and create a honest image which would simply result in producing a positive effect at the bottom line.

  • Increasing Traffic

Even though it is difficult to add various clickable links to each of the Instagram updates published by you, there is no doubt that Instragram is one of the most powerful sources of traffic. Along with a good level of engagement compared to Twitter and Facebook, maintaining and creating a highly popular profile is very much beneficial to the visibility of the website.

  • Having a Competitive Advantage

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has got less competition. A survey conducted in the US has found out that about 2% of small scale businesses have started to use the Instagram as it provides an added advantage over competitors. In addition, the firms who use Instagram in their marketing strategies are more likely to achieve the targeted audiences in less time compared to other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where the competition is humongous.

  • Achieving Targeted Market

As per the recent study done by an individual and trending social media group, if the targeted audience for a firm is individuals who are born from 1980 to the early 1990s which is called the millennial, then Instagram is the best social media tool, as about 37% of the individuals of this age group use Instagram. Frankly, if you want to interact and connect with the crowd who are below the age group of 30, then you do need to have an Instagram account.

  • Free Ads

Unlike other social media tools, Instagram is one of the best things as you can do free advertising. Yes! It can help to showcase the various services and products which are in action and creates a huge exposure. Unlike other social media tools, this provides a great chance of showing what you want to offer more.

To conclude, the above given tips provide a great amount of value on how much effective and great Instagram is for businesses.

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