22 May 2017

Fixing Post-Binge-Watching Blues – For TV Show/Film Addicts

It has happened to the best of us. When you binge watch your favorite TV show, you’re not just merely engrossed, you’re unknowingly – or perhaps, knowingly – giving way to an anticlimactic, empty feeling or purposelessness once it’s over. And well, all good things come to an end, sometimes

09 Jan 2017

LeECO Le2 Pro: Changing the meaning of smartphones

LeTV, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing giant, put a bullet in the smartphone market with its first official launch Le1s. Users have given positive feedback and also reviewed the smartphone as best in the budget smartphone range. The smartphone market has now become budget oriented, and therefore, customers like to get

30 Nov 2016

How to Resize Images and Save Some Space on Your Hard Drive

If your computer hard disk has limited space, you should not store the images in the original sizes. Smaller size images tend to take up lesser spaces. Usually, a large photo can be as large as a few hundred MB but resizing it to a smaller size will reduce its

23 Sep 2016

Finding Yourself as a Young Teen

We’ve all heard of the cliché “high school is when you’re supposed to find yourself”. You can deny it as much as you want, because it’s absolutely true. During the chaos of your teenage years, you are bent on balancing out all of the aspects of your life, which can

28 Jul 2016

Proven Ways to Remove Stains From Sarees

Stain – just a small spot on anything, right? No, this is not just a small spot, but a big spoiler for anything. Even a six yards long beautiful saree can lose its beauty due to a small stain of oil, protein, grease or fruit juice. Sarees are the most

27 Jul 2016

How do badges give a reputation and identity to company professionals

Badges are not just worn by school children, but badges also provide identity to company professionals as well. In fact, the badges also provide group solidarity and community identity, as they give a common identity to the cadres of an army, or to the children of a school or an

18 Jul 2016

The ultimate shopping guide for your trip to Toronto

Shopping is an integral part of visiting a new destination, especially if you are going somewhere far overseas or a place with a complete cultural difference than your region. While on your stay in Toronto, you will be spoilt for choices on where and what to shop. This article talks

turbo chargers
13 Jul 2016

Tips on Maintaining Diesel Turbo Engines

You must remember that all kinds of engines need care and maintenance and the same applies to your diesel turbo engines. There are high chances that the conventional gas auto vehicle that you have is not getting the right maintenance because of not changing the oil or even because your

21 Jun 2016

Top 5 mistakes which you must avoid while you hire a car mechanic

If you have your own car then you might know about the mechanical repairing of the automobile spare parts. Even you need to hire some car mechanics for this task and they will suggest you with several things along with the best possibilities for your car. But before hiring the

06 Jun 2016

How to Organize Board Meetings for Tech Startups

It starts with a small group of programmers and a big idea. Tech startups are today’s most exciting business ventures, but they quickly meet unforeseen challenges. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs get a head start on good management and governing practices by bringing in experienced advisors or directors. Small teams of software designers